ODK with sql server

Im stock trying to develope ODK Aggregate with sql server in this sccreen I dont know what should I put

Im using Aggregate latest version downloaded from opendatakit.com, Windows 10, tomcat 9, sql server 2012

Is there some detailed guide to guide me through this process?

Kind regards

Dear Jorge,

Have you checked out:


yet? There may be some help there.

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Hi, Caroline

I have just check the link, but the information about deploying this with SQL Server is very short just this

For Microsoft SQL Server or Azure SQL Server, you should configure these with UTF-8 character sets and to use Windows authentication. When using Windows authentication, the user under which the webserver executes must be granted permissions to access the SQL Server instance. The install wizard for ODK Aggregate will produce a Readme.html file that contains additional information on how to complete the configuration of the database and webserver service.

But I need more detailed information about JDBC driver, do you know if theres another site where I can found more information or someone that I can contact so they can help me.

Kind Regards

Dear Jorge,

I think the Readme.html file produced should have the additional information you need, including on the JDBC driver. My recollection is that it specifies a number of additional steps not listed on the website. Hope that helps!


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