ODK won't pulldata or preload data if it's in a field-list on my tablet

Hi, I want to group my pre-loaded data (pulldata) on one page on my ODK collect form on my tablet. I have the appearance set as "field-list". When I do that, it won't pre-load, but if I remove the "field-list" appearance from my begin group, it works but then it's not on one page and I have to flip through multiple pages to get all the info. I would really like to have all of it fit on one page preloaded or any suggestions to work around this. Your help is greatly appreciated.

I am using ODK Collect v1.12.2 on a Samsung S2.



You should be able to pull multiple pieces of information from within a field-list. What you can't do, though, is have the value of one of the questions in the field-list be used to set what gets pulled. That's because Collect evaluates functions like pulldata when a screen is first displayed. So if you change a question in a field-list nothing in the list is updated until you swipe away from the list and then back into it.

Am I correctly understanding what you're trying to do?

Thanks for your reply Hélèn,

If I could swipe away and then back into it that would be great but I have to actually save my changes, exit the form and then open it again to find it pre-populated. is it supposed to repopulate if I just swipe forward and then back within the form? It is a minor detail in the scheme of things. Thanks very much for your input.