Odkmeta and "select_one ${NAME}" problem

I'm new to using Aggregate but have exported my CSV and am trying to use odkmeta to convert to Stata. We have a question type in our survey which is a select_one {$NAME}, from a list of names entered earlier in the survey. ODKmeta is stuck here and says this is an "invalid type attribute".

Is this question type not going to work in odkmeta or is there a workaround?

Of course after I post I find the issue discussed here: ODK Meta - Labelling issuing errors - #3 by Francisco_Carballo. ODKmeta has some advice in their help file but this is still an open issue on their Github. Seems like I need to find a different solution for reading in my data.

Sorry to hear that it's an unresolved functionality issue that is holding you back. Thank you for coming back to post an update. The GitHub issue notes that: "We have instructions in the help file for how to modify the do-file to account for such selects." Was the modification described helpful for your case?

odkmeta is quite an old project (latest release is from 2014). Some other projects that are currently maintained and might be interesting for you to explore include ruODK and pyODK.

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