ODKmeta imports data with variables not renamed

Dear All, I am new at using odkmeta to import data in stata. I noted that after importing data in stata using odkmeta, some variables are not renamed. what am I doing wrongly?

Dear @levicatusm,

When using ODKmeta to import data into Stata, variable renaming depends on the structure of your form and the way you specify variable names in ODK XLSForm. If some variables are not renamed after importing data, there could be a few reasons:

Variable names in the XLSForm: ODKmeta relies on the variable names specified in your XLSForm to rename the variables in Stata. Make sure that the variable names in your XLSForm are correctly specified and follow the naming conventions allowed in Stata. For example, variable names should start with a letter, contain only letters, numbers, and underscores, and not exceed 32 characters.

ODKmeta options: When using ODKmeta to import data, there are several options available that control variable renaming. Make sure you have specified the appropriate options to handle variable renaming. For example, you can use the -varnames option to specify the variable name template in Stata. By default, ODKmeta uses the "${idx}" template, where ${idx} is the question index. You can customize this template to fit your desired variable naming convention.

Nested repeat groups: If your XLSForm contains nested repeat groups, ODKmeta will generate variable names based on the structure of the form. Make sure that your XLSForm is correctly designed with appropriate repeat groups and that the variable names within the repeat groups are specified correctly. ODKmeta will append the repeat group names to the variable names to avoid conflicts.

Double-checking these aspects should help ensure that variables are correctly renamed when importing data using ODKmeta in Stata. If you're still facing issues, please provide more specific information or examples of your XLSForm and the commands you are using in ODKmeta to import data so that I can assist you further.

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Hi Rahul,

Thank you so much for your reply. Fortunately, I managed to resolve the issue.

Kind regards