Offline form is not loading in WKWebView iOS

I am trying to open a form created with enketo in WKWebView, Its working fine in online mode but for for offline mode its not loading properly.

I am using iPhone 6s, iOS 13.3.1

In offline mode form is opening like shown in screenshoot.

I am attaching axel file also to test.
text.xlsx (11.9 KB)


Hi @Pradeep_Kumar_ODK
welcome to the forum! Please introduce yourself here!

This is not Enketo's forum so you might need to contact the Enketo team

but here also are guys that might help you @martijnr

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This looks like a custom iOS application that uses Enketo libraries. Best to check with the developer. If you're the developer @Pradeep_Kumar_ODK, you could try the Enketo developer forum as well:!forum/enketo-dev

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