"On the choices sheet there is a option with no name", when in fact there is no missing names

I am trying to validate a form, yet it is failing with the error:

ODK XLSForm Offline Errors:
On the choices sheet there is a option with no name. [list_name : train_g4]

I have attached the form here,
Activity_Report_v24DEBUG.xlsx (74.2 KB)
and as you can see the list train_g4 is not missing any name values. I am stumped and facing a deadline. Thank you in advance for any insight or support on how to fix this.

On row 1048576 at the very bottom of the document, you have train_g4. Remove that line and it'll work.

In macOS, Command + :arrow_down: in that column a few times will get you there quickly. In Windows, it's probably Ctrl + :arrow_down:.

Wow, how embarrassing! Thanks for the quick reply Yaw, I should have known better. I really appreciate the support.

Glad to help! When you get a chance, please introduce yourself here. It helps make the forum a friendlier place :slight_smile:

I have the same error: Pleae help
On the choices sheet there is a option with no name. [list_name : own_money.]PO.xlsx (12.1 KB)

Hi @brom_orina
welcome to the forum! Please introduce yourself here!

There are many bugs in your form like:

  • in choices sheet you should use name and label not Name and Label (no capital letters)
  • in choices sheet you use list of options like own_money. with a dot but you don't do the same in the survey sheet
  • question types also can't start with capital letters but in row 3 you used Select_one Branch_name.
  • question names can't contain spaces like National ID it should be National_ID

That's all I think.