ONA - Exporting the data in different language

Hello everyone!

i uploaded a form on ONA and my form was multilingual, after data collection is over, i need to export the data with labels but there isn't an option to chose the export language, any solutions to get select the export language please?

prompt responses are highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @Mosab_Daoud

Since you are using Ona, this might be an issue on their end.
Please see https://help.ona.io/ and https://groups.google.com/g/ona-community for help from the Ona support team.


Hi @Mosab_Daoud, there should be an option to change the language on the Overview page for the specific form. Just above the "Data Export" box there is a dropdown menu that probably says "EN" (English) on it -- see screenshot. Click there and a dropdown will show the languages included in your survey.


If that does not work, there is a workaround for Stata users involving appending the data into an English (or your preferred language) shell dataset, but hopefully that won't be necessary.