Ona fails when Collect tries to download more that 196 files

using Ona server
1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
When I have attached many media files to my form, the form fails to download media files together with the form in ODK Collect. Normally when I have media files attached to a form like images, CSVs, audios or videos, the form dowloads these files together with the form when getting a blank form in ODK Collect.
Right now when I have more than 196 files the form does not download the media files and it downloads only the form. But when you have less than 196 files it just downloads the files fine in ODK together with the form as shown in the screenshot attached. I had added i74 files and it downloaded the files fine
I have the same form and I added like 300 files that I attached to the form for each choice option and it fails to download together with the form.
The total size of the 300 media files is 13MBs.

2. What steps can we take to reproduce this issue?
Upload a form and attach more than 200 files
Try to download the form in ODK Collect and see if it downloads together with media files attached.

3. What have you tried to fix the issue?
The workaround right now is to copy the files on ODK Collect directory on the device but it is not efficient to other users who have less knowledge about ODK Collect.
Is there something we can do from Ona side to solve this issue?

4. Upload any test forms or screenshots below.
I tried to upload the zipped file of the 300 media files but it is over limit. You can download the media file from here

Hi @samwata

This sounds like a server issue, please get in touch with Ona Support

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Hi @Ronald_Munjoma
I am on loop with Ona technical team and we have done several tests without exactly what is causing the issue. We checked the media file size limit on code and my 300 files total size is less than 13MBs which is less than 100MBs on the code.
Is there anything we are missing from Ona side to troubleshoot this issue Cc: @yanokwa

The issue here is with Ona. We have forms in ODK Cloud installs that have 1000s of file attachments that work great.