Online course on ODK

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i mean that have could we participate the training from different locations. for example,i am in Afghanistan, you would be in another country and our other friends will be in other countries.
i am really interested participating this training and i really need it. could you explain your plan little more?

Hi @Yadgari
you should be able to find everything in the documentation Please read it carefully and ask a question if you don't understand something (ideally in a separate topic).

Here is one link :

I created this course which can helpful for newbee.


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iamnarendrasingh, thanks for the great videos.
Can you make a video on how to pull data or search data from csv

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Hello sir, i wish to learn ODK( i wish to use it in 2months time to build my research questionnaires) and have not been able to find a course online on it. Please can you help

Hi @Nchong_Anu - the documentation is the most up-to-date place to learn about ODK:

There is also a short section in the docs on training resources:

Is there a particular topic you're interested in?

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Hey I have one YouTube playlist regarding ODK playlist which is here :

Have a look at it.


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