Only 2/4 Cascaded Filters Working

I've created an XLS form (attached).
In the form, I want to begin groups based on the first entry.

Post which, depending on the user's selection have cascaded filters be applied and relevant fields be shown. The order is District >> ITI >> Trade >> Batch.

While I am able to see the first two, i.e. District and ITI, I am unable to view Trade and Batch options.

And I am not receiving any error here, so it's not affecting the validity of the form overall.

Please let me know what the issue could be.

Thanks in advance.

dstmcform.xlsx (164.1 KB)

Please let me know in case of additional required clarifications.

P.S - I am fairly new at ODK, using an existing template.

There is typo mistaken in choice filter; ITIfilter = ${ITI1} is in the survey sheet and in the choices its itifilter.

Just replace the ITIfilter = ${ITI1} with itifilter = ${ITI1}.

I had checked and its working fine on my side.

For reference, I had attached the excel file with correction highlighted. I had changed in the Create_DSTMC only group.
dstmcform.xlsx (164.2 KB)

Dinesh Dongol

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the choice filter is case sensitive,
You had

districtfilter = ${district1} and ITIfilter = ${ITI1}
districtfilter = ${district1} and ITIfilter = ${ITI1} and tradefilter = ${dst_trade1}

but in the choice tab you have itifilter. So the correct choice_filter has to be

districtfilter = ${district1} and itifilter = ${ITI1}
districtfilter = ${district1} and itifilter = ${ITI1} and tradefilter = ${dst_trade1}

dstmcform.xlsx (164.1 KB)


Thank you, really appreciate the help!

Thank you for your help.

Thanks also for the welcome the community! Looking forward to being a part of it. :slight_smile:

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