Open[fn] provides integration between ODK and Safesforce

Over the years the ODK team has received numerous feature requests for
integration between ODK tools and Fortunately, the team at
Open[fn] has recently created a tool to make it easier for organizations to
move data between different software platforms. While the Open[fn] platform
is young it is launching with integrated ODK, SurveyCTO (company using ODK
core technology), and support.

To try Open[fn] go to the website:

The Open[fn] platform's vision articulated in the Salesforce Foundation
blog entry

"We see a future where the technical setup of a mobile money platform, a
biometrics tool, even an offline clinic registration platform, feels just
like downloading an app from the app store. We’re still a long way from
that reality, but we’ve built a totally open-source integration platform
that’s poised to bring together the “technology for development” landscape
with clicks, not code. Our marketplace guides users to the right tools
based on their needs, our blog will feature in-depth case studies and
implementation guides, and our mapping tool allows non-technical users to
get data flowing from one technology to another in a few minutes."

More information about the Open[fn] can be found on Salesforce Foundation
blog entry
or on their website

The ODK core team is thrilled to see other organizations expand the
ecosystem of tools that integrate with ODK.