OpenHDS not working with Collect 1.8

Hello LN, I hope all are fine with you.
We are using openHDS as external application which is integrated to odk collect, for collecting demographic data. but openHDS works with odk collect 1.8, currently odk collect 1.8 is not working and it return errors " the apps was developed for older version of android and may not work properly so try to update or contact developer". So we need your insight.

I believe your only option is to find older Android devices. The way that OpenHDS integrated with Collect is no longer possible with newer Android versions. I’m not totally sure that Collect 1.8 is the highest version that works with OpenHDS so you could try increasing that version but Android 6 is the maximum Android version that will work.

Thank you for the response,

but previously odk collect 1.8 works even on android 9 and 10. So now odk collect 1.8 won't work on android version 7 and 8?

It sounds from the discussion above like OpenHDS is only intended to work on Android 6 and below.

If you had it working previously on Android 9 and 10, something has changed outside of Collect and OpenHDS and you’ll need to find out what. Maybe the devices got a security patch? Maybe you have devices from a different vendor?

Collect 1.8 had not been supported or changed for many years.

May I know the reason collect 1.8 is currently not working on android version 8 and above, because previously(like one month a go) it was working fine on those versions.
Thank you for your support.

Collect 1.8 has not changed. It is no longer supported. That means that something outside of ODK has changed. Some ideas:

  • Devices got an automated updated to Android
  • Devices have the same Android version you tested before but are from a different vendor

Another idea would be to check whether you're really running ODK Collect 1.8. If it was actually a copy of ODK Collect, the person who maintains that copy could have updated it.

So how do we identify whether its copy version or original version of odk collect 1.8?
Thank you.