OpenRosa API for posting a submission not working

I'm trying to use the OpenRosa API for posting a submission to the project however I encounter a 404.1 error.

The API I'm trying to use the create submissions API and when I try to post a submission using a POST request I on the /forms/{formId}/submissions get the error below

However when I try a GET request on the same route /forms/{formId}/submissions the API returns the list of submissions in the form.

Based on the error message of the POST request, I don't know if my POST request query is wrong or if there is no POST component of the /forms/{formId}/submissions route.

I hope that someone can help me on this.

Hi @randy.beros! You may find this topic helpful:

If you specify the correct form version string, do you still receive an error response?

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Hello @Matthew_White. From the post you linked, adding the form version in the data tag fixed the issue. Thank you very much for your help. :blush:

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