Outreachy 2017 Kickoff

The Outreachy internship period is starting.

Congratulations again to our two interns:

I invite both of you to (re)introduce yourself to the community here, mention what you will be working on, and provide links to your Outreachy blogs. You can include anything else you'd like us to know about you as well -- for example: school, degree program, career hopes/plans, hobbies... whatever you'd like to share.


Congrats @ankita240796 @Divya_Rani welcome you in one of best open source technology.



Thank you @adammichaelwood.

Hello everyone!!! I am Ankita Saxena, a 3rd-year Computer Science undergrad at IIT Roorkee, India.

My hobbies include a diverse mix of activities :grin: Shopping latest trends is one of my favorite pastimes. I have a keen interest in arts and crafts. Something else which I enjoy doing is watching cricket :heart_eyes:

I developed an interest in the open source community in the past summers and explored this field a lot during my summer vacations. It was really great to work with Open Data Kit and the support and guidance of mentors fuelled my interest in the work. Big thanks to @adammichaelwood @LN @yanokwa for reviewing my work and helping me to make better contributions.

I will be working to improve the docs and my plans are as follows:

  • Removing old and redundant content from docs
  • Implementing a video sphinx directive
  • Creating how-to videos
  • Style Guide testing
  • Adding PDF Output
  • Working with translations

Link to my Outreachy blog: https://medium.com/outreachy-diary

I hope my Outreachy journey with Open Data Kit turns out to be a great learning experience for me.


Hi everyone! I'm Divya Rani and I'm a second-year Computer Science undergraduate student.

I'm an introvert and in my leisure time, I like to work on side projects, read technical blogs and contribute to FOSS communities. I also like to read self-help books.

I would be working on automating screenshot creation for the form widget guide, adding support to let users download the copy of ODK docs in PDF, HTML or Epub format and adding multiple languages support. This is the link to my Outreachy blog: https://medium.com/@ranidivya063 where I'll be posting about my progress.

Contributing to Open Data Kit has been an enriching experience for me, ODK members have been very helpful and supportive.They’ve guided me all the way explaining everything in detail. Special thanks to @adammichaelwood @LN @yanokwa @wonderchook and @Ronald_Munjoma for guiding me throughout this journey, following up every time, and answering my various questions. I really appreciate all the time and effort you’ve invested in me.