Outreachy Round 15 Conclusion

Monday was the last official day of Outreachy Round 15. Congratulations and thanks to our interns @Divya_Rani and @ankita240796, and to my fellow mentor @wonderchook.

Ankita and Divya did a lot of amazing work improving ODK Docs. You can read about some of their experiences here:

To Ankita and Divya: Thank you so much for your work. You've become an integral part of the ODK family. It's been wonderful to get to know you, and a real privilege to introduce you to this community. I hope you will both continue to be a part of the ODK community, and the larger open source community. I know that you both have promising careers ahead of you.

Thanks also to everyone who has helped support this round. We had a lot of admin and logistical help early on. Thanks to @Ronald_Munjoma @william1 Also big thanks to @LN and @yanokwa for guidance and leadership.



Thank you so much @adammichaelwood!
You have been the coolest mentor ever with all your ideas and guidance.

Working with Open Data Kit under your mentorship has indeed been a wonderful experience for me! I got to learn the toughest of things in the simplest possible way.

I loved it when you encouraged me and gave me a lot of awesome ideas to do more awesome work. The support of the ODK family has been great. @LN and @yanokwa always came to rescue when I got stuck somewhere.

Another great thing I learnt was working as a team and a special thanks to @wonderchook and @Divya_Rani for making that so awesome.

I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful family and something I am sure of is to contribute and learn forever!

Thank you so much to the entire ODK family for making this internship a great learning curve for me! :heart:


Thanks @ankita240796 and @Divya_Rani for all your hard work. See you around the ODK community!