Overwriting quick icon (Appearance attribute) when Arabic chosen

A very minor issue but as I've stumbled across it I thought I'd report it. Suspect ODK 2 will render this issue redundant but I'm using ODK 1.

When a Select question is created and 'quick' is set as an Appearance attribute an auto-advance icon is generated opposite the radio button. Right to left Arabic script results in the auto-advance icon being overwritten with the Label text.

I discovered this having included a couple of questions using Arabic script while the mobile device was set to English but a quick look after switching the mobile device to Arabic reveals the same problem.

It did make me wonder why an additional icon is necessary, regardless of language set. The radio button could take on the appearance of the auto-advance icon, and fill when selected in the same way as a radio button.

This would cure the problem reported as long as the loss of a classic radio button was deemed acceptable.

Hi @panthonyl

This problem is solved in v1.14.0 (which will be released next week). You can try the beta version available in the store. It's not the only problem with Right-to-left languages and we still work on them so you may notice other issues. All opinions and reports are welcome.

Hi @Grzesiek2010

What took you so long :joy::+1:

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