Partial encryption and media files support for Arabic

Hi there,

My name is Dima and I work as a Food Security Analyst in WFP.

We are working on an intensive exercise where huge data will be collected on android system tablets using ODK collect.
We have designed the questionnaire using ODK XLSForm and we need to provide encryption option for couple of columns. What we found so far is that we can do this process only for the whole dataset which will make our process very complicated.
Basically, the dataset will be divided to many files (one for each sub office) and each file will be more than 2GB.
The process includes data quality check, data cleaning and processing on a daily basis for the period of the exercise. Therefore doing a decryption on daily basis will be time consuming.
We want only to encrypt the fields that include personal information.

The other issue is related to media file that includes data in Arabic and as the file is in CSV format the system is not recognizing the Arabic letters and when we tried to convert it to UNICODE text file then change the extension to CSV and restructure the columns the problem was solved for the file but ODK collect was unable to read the file and gave an error message that the required data from the media file were not found which means that it was unable to recognize/identify the file as a media file.

We require your kind support to provide a solution for these two issues considering that the data collection pilot is expected to start in the next few weeks.

Dima Alhumsi.

Hi @Dima.Alhumsi,

To answer your inquiry on partial encryption, that is not possible. Encryption is done at form level that is why you have the column public key in the settings tab of your xls form (not for particular fields in the form)

For the media, can you attach a sample csv?