Participating in the Mozilla Global Sprint

Each year, Mozilla puts on the Mozilla Global Sprint, a two-day event for volunteers around the world to contribute to open source projects. I learned about it because I'm participating in the Mozilla Open Leadership Training (more on that in another post!).

The Global Sprint will take place May 10-11th, from 9am to 5pm local time. For ODK to participate as a project, all we have to do is have at least one "project lead" who will be available to help connect volunteers to tasks, work on some contributions and generally be welcoming. You can read more at

I'd be happy to be a lead for my timezone (US West Coast / UTC−8:00). I can also make sure there are some triaged tasks ready for volunteers to take on and a welcoming landing page for them. I think this will be a useful resource in general. I'm hoping this can go on the new website (

Does this seem like a good idea? Is anyone else interested in being a project lead for their timezone and/or join as a participant?


Mozilla will be featuring ODK on one of its blogs tomorrow and will encourage their readers to join us for the Sprint! Since the website isn't launched yet, I put a placeholder landing page at Welcome Mozilla Global Sprinters!. If there's any content you think should go there, please discuss in this thread and I can update it.

I propose we make the primary theme of the Sprint working on the website. It's a great opportunity to get lots of feedback from newcomers to the project to make sure the website is easy to understand, well-organized and provides sufficient context. @website-wg, will also be a great opportunity for all of us to dedicate some focused time to getting the website launch-ready. And of course, anyone here is invited to chip in.

How does that sound?

Making the sprint about the website is a great idea! I'll be available at UTC-8 as well on May 10/11th to help work on the website as well.

As far as the thread, I think it'd be good to describe a bit about ODK and add a bit about getting started. I think the text from Welcome GSoC and Outreachy applicants! is a good place to start from.


The article about ODK and the Global Sprint is now live at! Thanks to Mozilla for this nice highlight.

Report from Day 1 of the Sprint: no Sprinters beyond the usual crew. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I decided to do a little mini pyxform sprint of my own to address some issues we'd been sitting on:

@website-wg, if anyone wants to sprint on the website tomorrow, I'd be up for it. If no one else is around I will probably focus on getting a Collect beta ready and continuing some pyxform work.