Pass a form to another user for approve it

Hello everyone, I am back again! A few year has passed without using ODK but now I am again with a new project! Reading the documentation I see loads of new features I really love them! Congratulation ODK team!

In this new project I have to start I need to "pass" a form from a first user to another user, just to check some data and approve theme, and than pass the form back to the first user, is this process possible with the last version of ODK?

Thank you very much!


Ciao @Angelo_Lazzari1,

Great to see you back, best of luck with your project.

Could you elaborate on your workflow and environment (central, collect/web, etc..)? For example, are the two users together during data collection (perhaps with a hidden group in the form for key quality metrics that can be activated or deactivated), or do you prefer the review to happen remotely?

Central supports submission review (approval, rejection), but understanding your workflow better would help in suggesting a feasible workaround.

Best regards,
Jules R

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Thank you @jules_rugwiro !!! Thank for your quick reply!
We could have both of situations:
a) a user has to "pass" to his boss the filled for and the boss can confirm data or push down to the first user the form to check or change data.
b) a user send the form to central and user B can approve or not the data

Thank you very much

Ciao @Angelo_Lazzari1,

In this case, you might consider below options in addition to central built-in submission approval process.

  • Build your key quality metrics using calculate.
  • Summarize the calculations with text or other desired field types and wrap them in a group (typically at the end of the form).
  • Protect the group for supervisor view only by:
  1. Creating a question (yes/no) with a label like "Do you want to see supervisory metrics?" to control the relevant status of the group.
  2. If yes, then show the group.
  3. Enhance the security of the supervisory metrics view by requiring a supervisor pass (e.g., a unique code to type or scan via QRCode). Combine this code match with the group relevance. Note that this is not a security feature, as anyone with access to the form definition can find out the unique code.

Hoping this gives you some implementation ideas.

Best regards,
Jules R

Thank you very much this is really a great point of start!!! thank you!!!!

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