Passing a fixed variable value to aggregate


I want to pass on a fixed (unedited) value from the form (ODK Collect) to aggregate. I have tried following which don't work:

  • Using NOTE: but it does not pass any value to aggregate
  • Using TEXT with READ-ONLY: I tried to put the value in DEFAULT field, but it does not gets converted to correct value, since I am making up the value by using the input values of other fields (${card_number}/${area_code}${type_of_card}${person_id} - Please note that it is a string, not a multiply/divide operation. Example: "3/abcd(V)898988"). All I see in the field is the code, without decoding into values of previous questions

Can someone mention how to do this thing?


Hi @Saad
you need to use concat function if you want to combine multiple answers.
Instead of using default or note please use calculate. Here is a sample form:
calculate.xlsx (5.7 KB)

The answer won't be visible in ODK Colect unless you display it for example using note but it will be visible on Aggregate.