Password setting in xlsform ODK

How can I create a password on the xlsform that ODK collect app users should enter when they start entering the data?

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You can create a text question at the begining of your form and set a contraint that needs to match a password.
This password is visible into the xlsform but not easy to find for the enumerator.
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Dear @ mathieubossaert,
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what will be the constraint for this?
And I want enumerators to be given the password ones and every time they enter the data it should be required to write.

It would be something like this:
password_protected_group.xlsx (5.7 KB)

as @mathieubossaert said

If this is a big problem you can try to encode your password with base64 see:
password_protected_group2.xlsx (5.7 KB)
The logic responsible for displaying/hiding questions is:
${password}=base64-decode(‘cXdlcnR5’) where cXdlcnR5 is the same password used in the first form (qwerty) but encoded with base64 (you can use an online tool to do that This is also not a perfect solution because it's only encoding (not encryption) and if someone knows how to decode it then they can find the password.

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