Payment subscription for ODK server

Hello community members, I am currently trying to conduct a regional survey which will involve creating access to about 8 users with different access levels. I realized from the free subscription that the ODK app engine shuts down after i have downloaded a submission, which implies with 8 users, we will not be able to log into the system once any of the user is able to access the submissions first. Is there a way the paid subscription can solve this problem, and if yes, what is the procedure i have to follow to register for the paid subscription.

It would be great to get a more detailed explanation of your setup. From your question I'd guess you're using ODK Aggregate ( on Google App Engine. Is that correct?

Additionally what do you mean by "shutdown"? Could you post more detailed steps that lead to you not being able to access your server?

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Thanks Seadowg for your response. I am using ODK aggregate on Google Engine and when i log into ODK aggregate and select Form Management, i am able to download the data and afterwards the page closes and i am not able to access the form management page again. It becomes active the next day and after one download it goes off again. So i want to know if there is a way i can get the Submission and Form Management been active for the whole day? Can a paid subscription solve it and also increase the maximum number of submissions from 500 to say 2000 or more

@Adogoba_Desmond If you are running into the quota message, you'll need to enable billing on your account. Before you do that, I'd encourage you to read through these docs:

Thanks Yaw for sharing the links, i have learnt a lot of things from there