PEM key issue in ODK aggregate

You can't start an export process until you solve these issues:
The form is encrypted. Please, configure a PEM file.
This above is coming as I have SSL for encryption of form, So when try to see the data in the ODK aggregate server , It is showing that encrypted key, not the data. Now I used ODK aggregate to see the data and it is not taking same file of key which I am having and which I used in key section of the form in settings.
Now how I can export the filled data as for pem key option location ODK aggregate it is not taking it.

I need help in this issue?

That is true, trying the same. As of now you got any way out ?


Worked for you?

I am trying to automaticly backup forms submited to transform them to CSV.

I am using this commandline:

java -jar ./ODK_Briefcase_v1.4.5_Production.jar --form_id NameOfTheForm
--odk_username USER --odk_password PASSWORD
--export_directory /var/www/data --storage_directory /var/www/data
--export_filename A_Chaufferie.csv --overwrite_csv_export
--export_start_date 2014/02/05 --export_end_date 2016/02/06
I get the error GRAVE: Form not found

I have no idea what is the purpose of storage_directory. I can't find any forms submissions on mys server (tryed with the linux command find).

Do you know what I am missing?

any update on my question ? shateit vimdate