Photos won't show in Aggregate 2.0, but they show in Aggregate 1.4

Hello everyone. i have a problem with my form. photos won't show at the form. the syntax is okay i think. i have 2 sepparate columns both in survey sheet both in choices sheet names media::image
there i have written the name of he .png files at the desired cell. for example benz.png
my photos are in .png format. now i use odk aggregate 1.4 most of the time and i convert the xlsx to xml files with nafundi 1.4 offline converter. with this everthing works fine.
when i try to upload the form and media at the odk aggregate 2.0 using xlsx to xml nafundi 2.0 onverter the media won't show. the only thing you see is that small image which means a photo should appear here.
if you need more infotmation or the form itself i can provide it to you.

Aggregate has reached end-of-life and is no longer being updated or supported. Consider switching to Central because it's actively developed.

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Yes the company's IT team is working on switching from ODK aggregate to ODK central. there only a few days of work until they finish it. But i need to use a form with .png files as soon as possible. can you please help me with this problem until we switch to odk central.