Physical location of ODK servers


I was wondering where ODK servers are physically located. I am at a Canadian university that would like to use ODK for a project, however our ethics board requires that no data goes through or is stored on servers outside of Canada.

Any insight would be appreciated - thanks!

Hi @kchan07, welcome to the ODK community! When you get a chance, please introduce yourself here.

The ODK project does not host any project's data! Instead, your project will install the ODK server (ODK Aggregate or ODK Central) software on whatever hardware (local or cloud) you control and in locales that are compliant with your IRB.

For example, you can install ODK Aggregate on Google App Engine in the northamerica-northeast1 region which is based in Montréal. Or you can install ODK Central on DigitalOcean's TOR1 reigion which is based in Toronto. Or you can install Aggregate or Central either on a machine under your desk.

And either way you go, you might also want to use encrypted forms to ensure that only people with the private key can see the data youa re collecting.

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Wonderful - thank you!

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