Please help me in advanced skip logic

Hi Everyone,
please help me in advanced logic question no WS1 have two logic
if i select piped into dwelling automatically go to question WS 6 and
if i select public tap / standpipe go to question WS3 automatically
please help me to solve this issue

i attach excel file and question picturesws 1 and ws 2

HERE IS MY EXCEL FILE format household1.xlsx (13.8 KB)

Pleas put in my excel file skip formula
i wait response from everyone

Screenshot is not clear, please send updated screen shot.


Please check below and if possible for you please upload clear picture of logic.
HH_003.xls (32.5 KB)
HH_003.xml (17.7 KB)


Thanks Sir
Next time i upload picture very clearly.
and you are given great response on the spot

Is above form working which i sent?

yes sir but WS6 has also logic
if i click ws6 , then automatically go to question 8
please add this skip in my excel file and yo see in picture
i wait your early response

In Q8's relevant section put ${WS6}=2 or ${WS6}=3


sir no work please check

${WS6}=2 or ${WS6}=8, now try.

sir no work i try please put in my excel sheet

Please find this and i will appriciate if you will do some troubleshooting by yourself.
HH_005.xls (33 KB)
HH_005.xml (17.9 KB)


Thanks Sir
sir i always remember in my prays
but i always try to handle first himself,if i am unsuccessful
then help take from you. and i know you never mind tell me again
Again Thanks to do fever for me