Please update docs for ODK 1.4

Hello. We are planning an upgrade of our ODK Central from 1.1 to 1.4, and I was wondering if there are any special steps involved. Unfortunately, the documentation only appears to mention 1.3, and I think it is therefore out of date. Could you update the upgrade instructions for 1.4 please?


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Thanks for asking first!

There are several time-consuming migrations in v1.4. If you have a large database with tens of thousands of submissions, consider temporarily increasing server performance and memory allocation before the upgrade. I've updated the upgrade docs to reflect this.

Also, since you are several versions behind, I would recommend you clone the VM and do the upgrade on a clone to make sure everything works as you expect. You should be able to jump straight to v1.4, but you'll need to fix your .env file and upgrade docker-compose as we describe in the docs.

After the upgrade, you'll know everything is working when you see the starting server message when you read the service container logs. If you see messages about migrations, then Central is not done upgrading.

Once you've successfully upgraded, then communicate the necessary downtime to your data collectors and do the upgrade on production.

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Hi there! Thank you for responding. This provides exactly the guidance we need.

Blessings to you!

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