PMA2020 seeks Programmer Analyst in US

Job description

PMA2020 is seeking a full-time Programmer Analyst to help manage the full life cycle of PMA2020 data. Core responsibilities are to maintain and test PMA2020 questionnaires in ODK

Train in-country staff to create and edit ODK survey forms Set up and monitor central servers for housing data Assist data visualization efforts Create web applications to manage and interpret PMA2020 questionnaires and data Provide support to data cleaning and the release of final datasets

The Programmer Analyst will be a master of the innovative ODK technology, to use it and to train on it. This is a dynamic role, and the Programmer Analyst is expected to bring his/her expertise to introduce efficiencies to the project. The Programmer Analyst will be a member of the central PMA2020 ODK team and assist with any additional technical support needs that arise throughout the duration of the PMA2020 project. This position reports to the Senior Programmer Analyst.

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