Port forwarding with odk

Hi everyone,
I'm starting with the ODK I have installed a odk vm under debian following this tutorial https://docs.opendatakit.org/aggregate-vm/ now I would like to have external access to my machine. can anyone explain in detail How can I set port forwarding on my router ? and which link I will have to enter from outside to gain access to the machine (my local Ip adress or my public ip adress?)

Thank you for your support!

Instructions for port forwarding on your router depends on your router. https://portforward.com might help there.

To access the machine, you will have to enter your public IP address and also set the FQDN in Aggregate to that address. https://docs.opendatakit.org/aggregate-vm/#connecting-to-the-vm-from-external-apps has more on latter.

Hi Yaw,
Thank you for your answer. I have some trouble when I set FQDN in Aggregate it doesn't work with the port setting I can access to odk but without the port. For example when I set aggregate-config --fqdn --http-port 1234 I can access to my odk by : not by should I force the opening of the port?
It will not be problematic when I should configure the port forwarding on my router ?

If you set an HTTP port that is not 80, you need to access it via that port number. And as a corollary, if you don't want to use the port number, set the port number to 80.