PowerBI Integration with ODK Central (Handling REPEATS)


I am trying to integrate powerBI with ODK through OData feed URL. Other than the direct connection, we are also exploring the indirect method of downloading CSV automatically via powerbi and making the dashboard use that instead of full data stream. While we have managed to make the dashboard work by downloading the CSV file through the process (DATA WITHOUT REPEATS.CSV), it does not contain the REPEAT table information. The challenge we are facing is that downloading the file ALL DATA WITHOUT MEDIA.ZIP is in zip format (compressed CSVs), which PowerBI does not really process.

Has someone tried to handle repeats in powerbi? and how?


@Saad I am not a powerBI user but I think you should look for options to extract files from zipped folder.

You can also checkout this link to see the suggested option by microsoft team here

Can you say more about why you want to do this over using the OData feed? Is the issue that you need to also download images to use in your dashboard?

Because the data (without images) is taking too long to stream from ODK to PowerBI server. And mostly I start getting error 500 in between data exchange. It doesn't happen all the time, but now it has started to happen more frequently.