Pre-fill data in survey

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I'm using the odk survey to track utilisation of a program where I am collecting information on the repeat programs users. Each time they attend the program they provide their full name.

However there are a fair few typos - english is not the main language of some of the program users - meaning I have to spend a fair bit of time cleaning the data.

Is there anyway I can setup the odk survey to pre-fill once someone filled in the survey once. So when they start to type their name, options appear that they can select.

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Hi @Ivan_Pavkovic, it is possible to pre-load the names of the users and use the search appearance to search for any name which in part of the pre-loaded data by starting to type the name you are looking for, it will be sorting the names base on the letters you begin typing with.



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Hi @Fabla,

I thought I had found the solution using the directions here - - where it described how to Pre-Load data.

However it's not working for me.

I've saved a cvs file in my media /odk/forms/formname-media folder on your phone and included _key at the end of the column name where I would like my survey to read/reference the cvs file (in the media folder). However it does not appear with any options.

My understanding is that if I want to pull data (from a defined list of data) I would use the pulldata function. However I want my survey to only provide the option of utilising data from the cvs file in the media folder. I don't want to retain the option for them to just enter the data in by themselves.

Am I on the right track? I feel like the instructions on are little bit light on...

can you share a sample file and explain how you want it to work

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