Premature end of Content-Length delimited message body


I am using ODK aggregate. My form data need to be updated quite frequently. In past I have to update the data in xls form, build it and upload it on server. But it is quite tedious, as my work flow is quite simple, there is no need to change the form structure just the option list is to be updated. which I want to be synced from my database. I can create a blob with exact same syntax as ODK create in _form_info_manifest_blb. I just want to update the existing one with the one generated using a query. But the problem is that while downloading the form it gives me error Premature end of Content-Length delimited message body(expected: 424142; received 418047).

I guess the size of csv file is store some where to ensure the integrity and matched while downloading. But I couldn't find where it is stored to manually update it.
Could anybody help me.


I found the filed CONTENT_LENGTH in _form_info_manifest_bin and manually changing it to the size of the file have no effect on the error. I guess the file size is hard coded somewhere and each time client request for the form the server send the file size from some other location.

But finally I found the solution. The server requires restart to update the size of itemcsv. Is there any other way to avoid server restart.