Printing form layout structure (enketo web form)

I have a very long form and many choice options. The print preview will be many pages if printed in A4.

Is there a way to print the (enketo form) where the fields is blank (remove default value and select choices in the printing)?

I also want to display the form id on the top of the page.

Any tricks/maneuver I can do to allow for this?

It is to comply with ISO quality management, of which the blank form is to be printout for filing to document the form structure.

There are no special built-in ways to do what you're looking for.

There are two approaches I can think of for not showing the defaults:

  • Delete the default and calculation columns in the XLSForm, upload as a draft, print from the preview, discard the preview
  • If you only have a few defaults, you may be able to clear them out using defaults in the URL. For example, if the question1 and question12 fields have defaults you want to clear out, you could use ?d[/data/question1]=&d[/data/question12]=

For the form_id, you could have a note at the beginning of the form in which you include the form_id. You could do this by just copying in the form_id or if you want to make it dynamic, you could have a calculate with calculation /data/@id which gets the form_id and then use that calculate in your note. Another option would be to use the HTML inspection tools on the Enketo form and manually modify the page to temporarily add the form_id.

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Thanks. This is helpful.

Is there anyway to output the version like /data/@version?

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Yes, that's exactly right! You should be able to put that in a calculation.