Printing labels with the printer widget

Hello all,

I have been using ODK Collect for quite a while in soil mapping and now have some questions about printing labels from ODK Collect in the field. I hope "Support" is the right section for this.

I was happy when I came across where printing labels with the printer widget is described and what exactly is what I need.

What makes me wonder: apparently only the Zebra MZ or iMZ label printers that have been discontinued for a few years are supported, and the corresponding github repo (getodk/sensors-drivers) has been archived. The current Zebra printer series is the ZQ200/ZQ300 series.

I then searched the forum, GitHub and Google, but I can't find any updates. So what I'm wondering most is if I'm the only one who could use such a functionality? I hope I missed something and that there is a solution to use ODK collect to print labels during fieldwork.

Any help and advice on how I can use ODK collect to print labels and preferably QR codes on any mobile and currently available label printer would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot and best regards,

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