Problem converting with XLSForm Online due to too many values to unpack

When I am trying to convert my xls form to xml using online platform there give me error massage something like following:
Error: too many values to unpack (expected 3)

what is the solution? please help me.

i am getting the same error message.

Did you solve it. When I using online 2.0 then its ok but my server is version 1.0.

Same Issue.

I was able to execute it before in

But for some reason, everytime I try to check my forms using Enketo the error message shows up.

Tried using the v1 & v2 of enketo, but same error.


I can confirm there is a problem and I'm currently investigating. ETA for a fix is 24 hours.

If you need immediate form conversion you can try XLSForm Offline.

I am having these error (Error: too many values to unpack (expected 3)) for a working form. any ideas?

Here's what is going on...

The pyxform library that powers XLSForm Online checks to see if Java is installed, and in that check it assumes versions look like this: Well, this new version uses, so that's the error you are seeing. The code expects to unpack 3 numbers, but it sees 4.

The reason it sees 4 numbers is that that OpenJDK released a patch to Java that took it from 11.0.9 to The XLSForm Online machine automatically apply these patches and did so a few days ago, which then caused pyxform to see 4 numbers instead of 3.

I have patched pyxform ( to ignore security and patch numbers so we don't have this issue again. Once that code is reviewed, I will do a new release of pyxform with this fix and update XLSForm Online and XLSForm Offline.

Thanks to a very speedy review from @ln, the issue has been fixed.

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Thanks to solve problem.

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