Problem Deploy OdkAggregate tomcat 9, Could not start application in context path [/ODKAggregate]

Hello, greetings!
I'm trying to install and deploy the ODKAggregate application on windows server 2008 R2, I'm using tomcat 9, mysql, I follow the documentation step by step, I run the sql file that remains after installing odkAggregate, I move the .war file to my webapps directory of tomcat 9, but in the tomcat manager the application does not start and when I start it tells me the following:
Could not start application in context path [/ODKAggregate]
I don't understand why, I would appreciate any opinion, thank you!


If you can share the error log, will be helpful to identify the issue. Have you tried with any versions of Tomcat before? Some Tomcat versions are not compatible with Aggregate.


Hello Imran,

I'm also facing the same problem while loading the ODKagg .war file on the tomcat 8.5 using postgres 10.7 and Java 8. Attaching the log file for your reference.

let know if you can find out the problem area and if u can suggest any solution to the same.


ODKAggregate Error Log.txt (33.9 KB)

Hello again, I could solve the problem, what happened was that I had to modify the file that is in the following path once the .war is unpacked.
C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 9.0\webapps\ODK-Aggregate-v2.0.0\WEB-INF\classes\, there I specify the connection parameters to my database, that worked for me.!

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Couldn't really get what you mentioned here. Can you show with the screenshot what really needs to be changed in the file.

Also the file which i see has .example in the end of it. Do it needs to be changed or something.

Let know Thanks

I think this is the same issue as ODK Aggregate v2.00 - Possible Bug in Generated WAR File, so I'm closing this in favor of that topic.