Problem during convert from xls to xml

problem during convert from xls to xml

Can you please post the XLS form that you are trying to convert to help determine what's missing.

Dear Sir
Please find attached xls form for your kind review.

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HH.xlsx (83.2 KB)

I renamed your tabs "survey", "choices", "settings" (all lowercase), saved as xls (instead of xlsx), and appears to load fine now.

HH.xls (209.5 KB)

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Thanks sir for your kind cooperation. Now it is working.


Dear sir
I need your help in following area

  1. I have a date field in my form. I want to user enter date with a range like user only enter date between 01 jan 2020 to 31 jan 2020 and not after today's date

  2. How to insert image/logo in first screen of form

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Hi @da2bihar,

  1. I'm not sure I got your definition,

but it might look something like:
(.>=date('2020-01-01') and .<=date('2020-01-31')) or .<=date(today())

See also:

  1. For your second question:

You can specify the image/logo you want to display in the field 'media::image'
See also:

I hope this helps!


Dear Sir
Again I need your held. I tried to fix date range but it is not happening. I am attaching xls file for your reference


BI_SIA_HH.xls (168 KB)