Problem in converting geopoint into string type

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I am trying to convert geopoint data type into string data type . There was a solution given to it at this page where i can apply a formula of 'string(.)' . But i am not able to understand where the formula should be applied . Please help me in this Thank you .


if your form like this you can use ${ } to assign it to label or note

type name label
geopoint name_a label_a
note name_b ${name_a}

it will appear like this
this string are the latitude, longitude, altitude and accuracy separated by " "
55.123456 66.123456 77.123456 65.0 1.0

Hello @Nader ,
Thanks for the reply , but I want to store that geopoint as a string variable . So , I am trying to figure out how it can be stored.

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Hello SGSC,

this is how to convert geopoint to string.

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Nader's solution should work great.

An alternative (and more explicit) solution is to wrap the answer like so: string(${a})


Thank you Yaw

i will add your short solution to my dictionary

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