Problem in "Relevant" in multiple choice type question

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I am working on a logic where question number 3,4 and 5 is dependent on the response of the 2nd question. The Second question is multiple choice type, question as follows

1.Did you cultivate Potato in last one year ? (Yes/No)
2.In which season did you cultivate potato? (Kharif, Rabi, Summer) - Multiple Choice
3.In how much area in Acre you have grown Potato in Kharif? (if select only khaif in question 2)
4.In how much area in Acre you have grown Potato in Rabi? (if select only Rabi in question 2)
5.In how much area in Acre you have grown Potato in Summer? (if select only Summer in question 2)

When i am selecting a single response from the multiple choice question the appropriate next question is opening but if i am selecting more than one option then rest of the question are not opening. For example if i select Kharif and Rabi both in question 2, then question number 3 and 4 should open, but its not opening.

I am using excel sheet for the programming and then converting into XML. For data collection am using ODK Collect Version 1.23.0 in Android Phone.

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To show your desire question use selected function. See details here

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It sounds like you're running into the bug described at Problem with select_multiple with ODK Collect v1.23.1 and v1.23.0. We're working on a fix.

Please try Collect v1.23.2 which has just been released and let us know whether that has fixed the issue.


@LN I have update to Collect v1.23.2 and now its working properly. Thank you for your support.

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