Problem installing OpenHDS and ODK in the same database

Hello everyone, as starter in ODK and OpenHDS. I'm using phpPgAdmin as my database table. I've created there database named Openhds with multiple tables. This is the list of table.
My problem is in Postgres it's not allowed to create a table name USER ( it's reserved). So when I paste the code of ODK aggregate in to SQL and execute it, it doesn't create the table USER.
I've Changed the table name by "user" (with double cote) it create the table in postgres BUT when I go to the admin page to login I've the error msg telling that user not exist.

Can you Help me pleas. Thanks in advance.

I know nothing about OpenHDS, but in general, renaming tables is a bad idea. You will most certainly have to create separate databases for each of these platforms.

Hello, thanks for the answer.
but, when I don't rename it, it'll never create that table.

There are too many variables here for us to help effectively.

What I'd recommend is that you get an OpenHDS installed and working perfectly on a totally separate database. Then get ODK Aggregate installed and working on another separate database. Once that's done, you'll be in a better position to figure out how to install them both into the same database.

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