Problem naming a variable in Stata


Im trying to change a variable's name in Stata but I don't know how. The variable has a point in the middle. The name is "P10STC.A". The data is .dta.

I'm using Stata 14.*

I tried to use rename, edit by myself, export data to another format, but it doesn't allow to execute any of these options

The database is Latinobarometro. Available for free

Hi @Nicolas53, and welcome to the ODK forum! When you have a chance, I'd encourage you to introduce yourself here. Doing so helps build community!

P10STC.A is not a valid Stata variable name: Stata variable names cannot contain .. If the .dta file you are using has a variable whose name contains ., it is possible that the .dta file was exported incorrectly and is invalid. You may have better luck downloading the dataset in a different format, then importing it into Stata from there. You might also try contacting the data provider directly.

Note that in general, you'll find more help for most Stata questions by visiting Statalist, which is an excellent resource for Stata questions of all kinds. If you have a question specifically about ODK or about how to use ODK together with Stata, the ODK forum is a good place for that.

Hope this helps!

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Hi i am STATA user and i have a problem whit a command , I think may be you can help me
I was using STATA 14 but now i need to use STATA18 and i want to run a differences between coefficeints od firs and third level
lincome 1.a - 3.a
I was reeding the aids on stata but rally i dont undersatand it

can help me?