Problem of loops in the questionnaire

Hello everyone
test_finale.xlsx (137.9 KB)

I have a problem with my form. I can't get the gender of the individuals through the indexed repeat function. I have set the repeat group according to a specific age group. With the indexed repeat function I would like it to directly put the age and gender of the respondent already filled in the form.
Can someone help me with this?

Hi @Nasser, your form is quite long and complex. May you please indicate which row(s) are the question(s) you are having an issue with?

I set the number of people who are in line 75 of the form to loop at line 190 and 191.
I used the indexed-repeat function.
I would like the function to automatically bring me the gender and age of the people in line 75.
If I have two 14 year old females and one 15 year old male. The formula brings me only the 15 year old male but for the other one it puts truth in the sex and nothing in the age.
I don't know where the mistake is.
I hope that I have been a little clearer.