Problem processing Entity - A resource already exists

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I'm working on a Farmer Intake form in order to build entities. I have a series of forms that were uploaded to the ODK Central server. The submissions were uploaded using ODK Briefcase and appear correctly.

The issue occurs when approving the submissions in order to create the Entity. The submissions are being approved, however, when I take a look at the 'Submission Detail' tab for each approved entry, I have and error that states that there was a 'Problem processing Entity'. On hover, it states that a resource already exists with uuid value(s) of

I'm not sure what the issue is as this uuid does not exist in the existing entities, nor in the original intake form submissions. The uuid highlighted in the problem prompt is also not the uuid of the submission.
I'm unclear how to proceed or what could be causing this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Attached a screenshot of the Submission Detail Page and the problem prompt

Were the submissions filled out from Collect or did you generate them some other way? Are there any Entities generated in your Entity List and if so, how many?

It would be helpful to know a little bit more about your high level context -- where did the data you're uploading with Briefcase come from, do you actually need Submissions or just Entities? You may be interested in creating Entities from CSV which would generate Entity UUIDs for you.

Sorry, I should have put in some more details. I generated the XML files for upload using a csv of existing data and a uuid generator in R. Once the XMLs were created from the dataset, I uploaded them using briefcase.

Also, I just saw that the new Central has an upload option for entities, so I will be following that route as well. Thank you

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My guess is that something isn't quite right with the uuid generation and duplicates are being created.

I do think CSV upload will be easier for you but if you do still need to upload individual submissions, I'd suggest looking at the generated ones to see whether the uuids all match or not. Maybe you can share more details on how they're being generated and we can dig deeper.