Problem send form from ODK Collect to ODKAggregate VM server

Hello everyone ,
I am novice and I would need help:
I loaded it on a ODKaggregate VM pc and made it possible to get it out of my home network via and opening the doors on the router.
I've created some ODK accounts and some GMAIL accounts
the server is reachable from the outside and I can enter url: and enter the credentials of an account ODK.
The problem is with odk collect app
I can not send the forms I have downloaded from the application server by test, then set the server by entering it and leave unchanged / formList and / submissions by entering as credentials or anonymousUser or a GMAIL account or a ODK account. I get a 404 error message. You can help me ..
Thanks Andrea

Hi @andrea! The VM is meant to be more turnkey and so routing traffic through a firewall requires a fair amount of technical skill because there needs to be some DNS trickery.

If you go to, you should see a list of forms.

<form url="">encrypted-form</form>
<form url="">All widgets</form>
<form url="">basic</form>

Instead of, I bet you have the local IP. That's the problem. You'll need to change the Aggregate WAR inside the VM to use your asuscom address.

The most straightforward way is to SSH into the VM and edit Aggregate's settings. I've put an untested script at Changing Aggregate IP to URL that should give you the idea.

And if you can do all this, it may just be easier to do a normal install of Aggregate in a Tomcat/MySQL container.

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