Problem using media in choices in Enketo on Kobo

I have a similar issue when using kobo in combination with enketo. I have followed the "birds" example from that is also used by kobohelp (
I have uploaded the files to kobo (under settings -> add document) and still, it does not display the pictures. I also tried to simply display a picutre as a note, which also did not work.
Here is my example:

Support questions about Kobo should go to the Kobo team at .

I was not sure if this just relates to Kobo, Enketo or is a general issue, but I have written them a message

I think it is probably KoBo. But you could have a look at (link to source at top) in case there is a syntax issue.

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thx again for your quick responses in this forum!

I checked the syntax several times now (even asked a colleauge to cross check). Everything is correct.

Waiting for a response from Kobo, but it seems that their support is not as active atm.