Problem when escaping style character in label. Collect needs user to type \

We (@nathalie_H and I) are facing a problem with select entries containing _ characters.
ODK collect use it as style information (italic) when enketo does not.
When we escape _ with \ in the labels, labels are ok in the select list but Collect ask user to also type \ to match entries.

This first screen shows the expected behovior (ok in Enketo) :

And here the "bug" in Collect (same form)

Collect transforms B_MC_SNCF_GARE_MANDUEL_TVX to

In this second case, I replace in the label column of the choices sheet every _ with \_

_ Are now unspecialized but collect ask the user to type the "\" character to show the list's entries.

Is there a way to show label containing special chars ?

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Hi @mathieubossaert
Could you attach that form? Ideally, a small version of it if it's bigger to show the issue.

Yes of course ! Sorry I forgot it... It is a form to track and report car usage per program.

This one does not escape the _ characters :
form_saisie_km_voitures_service_v2021_autocomplete.xls (48 KB)

This one does :
form_saisie_km_voitures_service_v2021_autocomplete_antislash.xls (51.5 KB)

But your form (the first one) does not contain underscores in labels so is it the same form?

Sorry again. I just updated my post with the right one (with underscores in labels)

You are right it doesn't work well in Collect. I'll create an issue in our github repository.
Is that (the bug) a big problem for you?

Thanks @Grzesiek2010.
Not a big problem and not an emergency at all as we replace every underscore in the label by a space.
But I wanted to confirm the bug because there would be other situation or styling character that may cause a problem.