Problem with displaying calculate

Good to know you Mr.Turtle. I am Victor Ador, A South Sudanese national. I am not new to ODK, But would to excel in administering it. Find attached a file I was working on but failed to upload.Please help fix the problem- Especially on the ''type,'s not showing on the screen of the phone. I need the xls form add the total number of the house member and display it on the phone. But this is not forthcoming.snfi_household_questionnaire_AA_EN3_AA4.xls (106.5 KB)

Hi Victor Ador,

First of all thanks for giving a chance to refresh my ODK XLS forms coding skills. Checked your excel file and found couple of incorrect coding. Corrected them in a separate excel file highlighted them in yellow color and attached with this email. I also checked uploading and tried couple of entries. Now it works fine with my version.

Hope this works for you.

  1. There is no total count variable for non-hh size as like the hh size, I included new variable non_hhsize and used it to validate while accepting values for men, women, boy and girl sizes

  2. Noticed you used incorrect variable ${non_hhmember_men}='yes' in row 31,32, 33, and 34 (your version) which is an integer type and stores the total number of men, I used the total non_hh size to validate.

  3. There many be zero men, women, boy or girls in a hh or non_hh so .>0 will not be correct, it would look for values greater than 0 which might not be correct. So I used . <= ${non_hh_size}.

  4. Included note type to display the Total values of hhsize and non_hhsize in separate note type row.



snfi_household_questionnaire_AA_EN3_AA4_Senthiledited.xlsx (45 KB)