Problem with Generic Exception Java lang Exception error while sending finalized form

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I have prepare a ODK excel form then convert it to xml. There was no error while converting the form and in the time of fill up. But when I am going to submit my form in my ODK Aggregate then its showing an error "Generic Exception Java lang Exception". Please help me. I have attached a screen shot of the error.

I am using ODK version v1.23.3

Thanks in advanced.

Dear Community, @yanokwa @LN @Grzesiek2010

I am still facing the above mentioned problem with form submission. I am attaching a link of the shot screen recording of the error, please help me.



Hi @Amrita_Pal,

Can you attach the form with issues here? The form its self may provide better insights regarding the issue.

Hi @dicksonsamwel,

Thanks for your response!

I am attaching a example form that is having the same issue. I am having the same problem with each and every form where the error is cropping up. The forms which had worked properly and were successfully uploaded during my previous survey are also not not being uploaded this time and showing this same error again and again.

Key_Informent_Survey.xlsx (22.3 KB)

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Dear @dicksonsamwel,

I again convey my thank to you for your response.

I solved the issue. Actually in the General setting page where I had to write "" I wrote "" . This means "s" was missing in the URL.


Hi @Amrita_Pal,

Thanks for your feedback too.

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