Problem with odk build!

Dear all! i am just new with odk, i am using ODK build to create forms, i
built many forms, and i saved them, but now i can not find my own-saved
forms, where it saves? and how can we access ?, thanks in advance

Hello Adil,
Normally, when you use build for the first time, you select a directory for saving forms.

The project file of each form has a name such as 'fsrd2_SmallRuminants2017.odkbuild'. You can therefore find where your project files are stored by searching in windows explorer for *.odkbuild.

Once you have found where your project forms are stored, you can load them again in Build and export them as Excel or xml files.

To avoid such problems happening again, you've better create one folder called for example Build with 2 sub-folders; 1 called projects, where you save original build project forms and another called exports where you save the exported xlsx and xml forms.


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thanks so much Mr.Abdulghani, your guidance is very helpful.
have happy and succeed life