Problem with repeat group navigation and naming

good afternoon,

trying to improve our generalist form, I face a problem I don't understand. I think there is a bug but I am not sure it is not my brain...

The logical of our form is quite simple.
A repeat for location containing a repeat for naturalist observation.
In order to facilitate navigation in the collected data and its validation/correction on the field, I am tying to give dynamic names to the repeat groups. I can achieve what I want with a simple form :
naming_repeats.xlsx (11.5 KB)
The navigation looks like this (step by step) and it is very easy to find a particular observation :

When I try to adapt it to our big complete form, with a similar logical, I have the following problem. The location (emplacement) repeat group and the observation repeat group are include in a bigger one, named with the order of the input.

As a result it is very hard to find the observation of a given species I made at 16:05 approx...

Here is the xlsform of this form and I can't understand why the result is not the same as in the more simple form.
sicen.xlsx (30.2 KB) and its media files (first few rows) (5.9 KB)
Thanks for any help.


One issue I can spot is that the localites group ends too early. If you'd like the name of that group to be used for the entire location you're capturing, then you need the group to enclose all questions related to that location. I haven't carefully looked at the observation groups but I wonder whether you might have something similar going on there -- you'll want to make sure that the obs group contains everything about a single observation.

It's certainly possible there's a bug with complex nesting but I hope that what I've described above can fix it! We should consider updating documentation to make it clear that for a group's label to be used for repeat instances the group needs to begin right after the repeat begins and end right before the repeat ends.


Thanks @LN !
I will check it and tell you.

This was an issue ! This group was a field list.
So I add another "fake" group to include all the others. And it did the trick.
Now I have a great navigation tool to help colleagues to check or update their data :

    1. place at 18h06
      1. obs. of Abies alba
    1. place at 18h09
      1. obs of species a
      1. obs of species b

Thanks again. ODK rocks !
I will show the enhancements of our form this week.

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